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Why VISIBILITY matters

To be credible, you need to be visible

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Get discovered while your users are scanning the web for relevant content. Build trust by becoming a thought-leader.

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Inspire confidence by getting covered in credible media outlets and speaking at industry events.

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Raise brand awareness by telling your story on credible third-party platforms and sharing your expertise.

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About Us

We believe that exposure is the secret ingredient that can turn a promising startup into a rocketship, and dream of a world where entrepreneurs can easily tap into the power of visibility. Sharing your story with the world should not be expensive or time-consuming.

We’re building the first online platform that helps early-stage startups connect with journalists and event managers based on mutual interest and fit. EllisX empowers reporters and event professionals to quickly and easily find the high-quality sources and speakers, while allowing innovators to share their stories with the world in an efficient and affordable way.

Our Story

Named after Ellis Island, EllisX is inspired by the most American of values: entrepreneurship, immigration, and quality journalism. Initially started as a campaign to draw attention to the contributions of immigrant entrepreneurs to the US economy, we soon started helping immigrant startup founders get exposure in order to establish themselves as thought leaders and obtain long-term visas. We quickly realized that the lack of visibility access for foreign entrepreneurs was a symptom of a larger problem, and EllisX was born.

Our mission of democratizing publicity for startups has enabled us to come full circle, allowing us to create positive social impact through visibility and amplify the voices of all entrepreneurs, no matter where they are from.

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