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Visibility doesn’t need to be expensive or time-consuming.

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To be credible, you need to be visible

Help users find you

Get discovered while your users are scanning the web for relevant content. Build trust by becoming a thought-leader.

Attract investors

Inspire confidence by getting covered in credible media outlets and speaking at industry events.

Craft your brand

Raise brand awareness by telling your story on credible third-party platforms and sharing your expertise.

Hassle-free visibility

Visibility in 3 steps

Set up your company and profile

Seamlessly set up your company. Fill up your profile and be sure to invite your co-founders.

Craft your unique founder story

To grab the interest of media and event organizers, each founder has to create their individual story.

Receive match requests

Focus on running your company while media and event organizers reach out to you with relevant opportunities. Choose which opportunities you want to pursue.

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