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Inspire confidence by getting media coverage and speaking at industry events. Use your story to meet the right people.

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$59 per visibility opportunity
Only pay for tangible value provided

Meritocracy is one of our core values. That's why none of your money will go to media or event hosts.

What our customers have to say

EllisX is my secret weapon and the best bang for the buck around. They find opportunities, I pay for performance. What could be better than that?

Camilla Olson, CEO


EllisX is a fantastic platform for entrepreneurs to connect with the startup eco system and get the name out there with accelerators and media. It works very well especially for technical founders who are more focused on product and customer than spending time on marketing.

Arun Seelam, CEO

Boson Motors

"Big thanks to EllisX for connecting me with GA! The panel I was on was a great experience so much so that after it was over everyone remained in their seats and continued the conversation. This was not only a great experience for me but also a great experience for some of the amazing talent in Boston exploring product management as a career."

Stephon McCoy, CEO


"EllisX is solving a need in the marketplace by connecting entrepreneurs with speaking opportunities and journalists. I've only been part of the platform for a short time and because of EllisX' networks, I recently spoke on a panel for female entrepreneurs. Thank you EllisX!"

Robyn Parets, Founder & CEO

Pretzel Kids

EllisX provided me with a completely seamless and valuable 'earned visibility' experience. I signed up for their platform, and within a week or two was offered a speaking opportunity on a General Assembly panel. I couldn't have hoped for a better first result after joining this cost-effective platform that I could definitely see disrupting the world of PR. Highly recommend EllisX!

Alex Kennedy, Founder


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