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Savitude is a tech startup using AI to rethink fashion design
Built for savvy startup teams
EllisX is solving a need in the marketplace by connecting entrepreneurs with speaking opportunities and journalists. I've only been part of the platform for a short time and because of EllisX' networks, I recently spoke on a panel for female entrepreneurs. Thank you EllisX!
Robyn Parets
Founder and CEO at Pretzel Kids

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do media and event organizers get paid to use EllisX?
No, media and event organizers are not compensated when they find speakers or interview subjects via EllisX.
Can you guarantee that I will get matched?
All matches on EllisX depend on mutual opt-in from you and the creator/event organizer. Therefore, we can’t guarantee matches, but we encourage you to state your interest for as many relevant opportunities as you can. This will increase your chances of getting selected.
When will my article/podcast episode be out?
Unfortunately, editorial deadlines are beyond our control and depend on the creator. Some creators will publish your piece very quickly, while others have longer publishing schedules. We recommend checking in with the creator to get an estimate of the timeline for publication.
I was charged before my piece was out. Why?
EllisX uses a subscription model that automatically renews every month unless cancelled.  Since we don’t control editorial deadlines, we record all matches for the month as soon as a creator or an event organizer has confirmed that they’d like to talk to you.