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“EllisX has provided us with an abundance of talent to host on Things Have Changed. We've had amazing opportunities to meet pioneers in various industries that are making an impact and developing exciting technology that will change our economy for better. We're fortunate to work with founders on EllisX's platform that always impress us with their expertise and thorough knowledge.

Things Have Changed Podcast
10 - 100K listeners

“EllisX has been a great source to find awesome candidates for our interviews. We've been able to share fantastic stories from pre-vetted startups without the need to spend hours and hours to find them.”

Daniel Díez
Manager at Failory Newsletter

With EllisX, you get...

Credible, verified experts.

Discover the minds behind the next Airbnb, Netflix or Tesla before they get big. Get the fresh perspectives your audience needs to hear.

Success has many faces.

Reach the diverse group of innovators quietly building the future. Share their unique stories and insights.

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No annoying PR pitches or follow ups.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is there a cost to use EllisX?
No. EllisX is completely free for journalists and creators.
Why should I use EllisX?
With EllisX, you can connect with relevant business and tech experts whenever you need. We will never share your contact info. No one will reach out to you unless you put out a 'call for experts'. Moreover, since 40% of the experts on EllisX are underrepresented, you can easily increase the diversity of voices represented in your stories.
Who are the experts and how are they vetted?
Our experts are largely startup founders, employees and (sometimes) investors. Each startup goes through a quick verification process before it receives an invite to join EllisX. This way we ensure that all the experts on EllisX are highly credible, have interesting insights to share and you get quality with every interaction.
Do I need to accept everyone who sends me a request?
No. Once you set the criteria for each Discovery, relevant people will reach out to you. You can choose whether to accept them based on the information in their EllisX profiles. There will be no pitches and nobody can send you follow-ups. It is up to you to start a conversation with the people to whom you would like to talk.
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