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EllisX connects writers and podcasters with verified experts based on mutual interest.

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With EllisX, you get...

Credible, verified experts.

All startup teams join EllisX by invite-only, ensuring quality with every interaction.

Success isn't always pale and male.

Reach smart experts with fresh perspectives and diverse backgrounds.

Personal networks can be constrained by geography.

We are not. Connect with subject matter experts from startups based across the US without warm intros or lengthy searches.

Say goodbye to irrelevant pitches and spammy emails.

Contact the people you'd like to talk to as soon as they come your way. It only takes 2 clicks.
Frequently Asked Questions

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Is there a cost to use EllisX?
No. EllisX is completely free for media.
How can EllisX help me?
EllisX allows you to increase the diversity of voices represented in your stories by reaching verified experts beyond your network. With EllisX, you will never receive unwanted PR pitches. Instead, you can connect directly with relevant experts whenever you need an interview subject.
Who are the experts and how are they vetted?
Our experts are largely startup founders, employees and (sometimes) investors. We verify each startup that requests to join EllisX before we invite them to the platform. This way we ensure that all the experts on EllisX are highly credible and have an interesting take on their industries.
Do I need to accept everyone who sends me a request?
No. You can choose whether to accept someone or not based on the information in their EllisX profile. Nobody will send you pitches and it is up to you to start a conversation with the people to whom you would like to talk.
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