We are on a mission to foster relationships that empower innovators to succeed.

About Us

We’re building the first authentic marketing platform that helps companies attract customers by telling their stories through media and public speaking. Why? Because paid Ads no longer work. Customers care about the purpose and values of a brand, and there's no better way to communicate them than telling your story.

We believe that something magical happens every time the right people are brought together, and dream of a world where all talented people - regardless of their background - can access powerful networks that enable them to succeed faster. Helping high-impact companies share their stories with the world is the first step.

Our Core Values

* Intellectual curiosity
Stay curious and question everything

* Transparency & collaboration
Don’t hide things, engage in productive discussion

* Meritocracy
No politics, ideas over titles

* Drive for excellence & results
Strive to do better than yesterday

* Empathy
Listen and empathize, there are always two sides to a story

Our Story

When our founders met in 2018, one of them was working on a side project to increase visibility for immigrant entrepreneurs in the US. The chemistry between our founders-to-be was instantaneous, prompting them to stay in touch and continue the conversation. After a while, they realized that the lack of exposure for entrepreneurs was a symptom of a larger problem. The channels to sharing one's story with the world were reserved only for those with deep pockets or 'the right' networks. Through first principles, our founders realized that bringing the right people together is the best way to close this gap, and EllisX was born.